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defy negativity by promoting positivity

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Awful - adj. aw·ful /ˈôfəl/: filled with awe

Awful means Full of Awe. Awful is about duality; there is no light without dark, and there is no warmth without cold. Our brand strives to embrace life’s difficulties by repurposing what “awful” means. To wear AWFUL is to spread the AWFUL message, to defy negativity by promoting positivity, no matter how bad things seem.

Why Awful

We want to share our Awful perspective with the world: The human experience is demanding; each day, life presents us with new difficulties. Sometimes dreams are met with disappointment. Sometimes life will kick us when we’re down. There are a million ways to look at our challenges; we choose to see them as Awful.



Chaz Zayed and Emmit Flynn founded Awful Cloth in 2018 to spread joy with their community. Each piece of clothing they designed sends a colorful and inspiring message.

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