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What Does Awful Mean?


[Aw-fuh l]


  1. extremely bad; unpleasant; ugly: awful paintings; an awful job.
  2. solemnly impressive; inspiring awethe awful majesty of alpine peaks.
  3. full of awe; reverential. 

 (Definitions are according to Dictionary.com)



For us, we always try to be different. Being different is what evolves changes. We just didn't want to be different, we wanted to be awful. Awful can mean anything, which is what makes the word so important to us. Whether you're wearing our original yellow hoodie or the "Have An Awful Day" T-shirt, you care enough to stand out in your style. People can look at your clothes as awful, or they can look at it as inspiring and full of awe. Its up to the person who wears it to accept being bolder than their peers. Awful is a lifestyle. Awful is a mentality. Awful is the change.



Our Awful Story

We may not have started in a garage, but a garage might have been a little more spacious than the dorm room where Awful was born. Charles “Chaz” Zayed was in his room at Indiana University one day, selling quesadillas to his fellow dorm-mates. This Kelley School of Business student figured he could make his residence hall a better place if he could only flip a few quesadillas. This mindset is what gave birth to Awful Cloth. Make the world a better, more mindful… more Awful place. It was in December of 2017 when Zayed came up with the initial name for the brand: “Awful Waffle” was to adorn the shirts of the clothing line which was nothing but a dream at the time. After trying to design his own clothes, and failing numerous times, he realized he needed to find someone who could bring to the brand, the creativity, and originality it deserved. Emmit Flynn came into the picture after a 4-hour phone call with Zayed in January. Flynn was on board and knew the partnership would be a successful one. It was then that “Awful Cloth” was conceived. Flynn has since hand drawn every piece of clothing for “Awful Cloth”. The two came to an agreement to pursue Awful Cloth and make it their passion. As the two were studying in college, they continued to make numerous phone calls, video chats, and send text messages back and forth to perfect their nascent brand. From that day on, the two would work countless hours perfecting what Awful Cloth is now. We have created and scrapped hundreds of designs… with more to come. Today, we are proud to call our clothes Awful. 

Awful Acknowledgements 

Thank you to our models for their help on the summer collection. They represent what it is to be awful and we're hand-picked for those reasons.

  • Rachel Oldenndorf
  • Aina Marija
  • Marvelle Brooks
  • Kyle Velasco
  • Isabelle Logue
  • Emory Foster
  • Amelia Taylor