About Us

What Does AWFUL Mean?

AWFUL means "Full of Awe"  

AWFUL was started in the hopes that we might share with the world our perspective on life. Throughout the creation of the brand and in our own personal lives we have seen difficult times. But the spirit of AWFUL has stayed with us the entire way through. The word AWFUL means being able to see the sun through the clouds and pushing for a positive perspective no matter how bad things may look.

AWFUL, to us, means full of awe. And though many might not be able to see it, it is up to our wearers to know the true meaning and to spread Awful’s sentiment in their daily lives.  We want to promote this point of view, and in doing so, help make the world a more AWFUL place.



Cold Hands Warm Heart Collection

Cold Hands, Warm Heart Definition: A description of someone who does not outwardly show feelings but, inwardly, is very kind and loving. This phrase is used to describe another person—perhaps a stern boss who is caring on the inside. This may be said about any person who is secretly caring, emotional, or compassionate.

This collection is about recognizing that sometimes we may come off a little colder than we are at heart. Always be willing to give yourself and others the benefit of the doubt. Be here for those you love. Just as the word "awful" is seen in a dreadful way, cold hands don't always mean a cold heart.



Our Awful Story

We may not have started in a garage, but a garage might have been a little more spacious than the dorm room where Awful was born. Charles “Chaz” Zayed was in his room at Indiana University one day, selling quesadillas to his fellow dorm-mates. This Kelley School of Business student figured he could make his residence hall a better place if he could only flip a few quesadillas. This mindset is what gave birth to Awful Cloth. Make the world a better, more mindful… more Awful place. It was in December of 2017 when Zayed came up with the initial name for the brand: “Awful Waffle” was to adorn the shirts of the clothing line which was nothing but a dream at the time. After trying to design his own clothes, and failing numerous times, he realized he needed to find someone who could bring to the brand the originality it deserved. Emmit Flynn came into the picture after a 5-hour phone call with Zayed in January. Flynn was on board and knew their journey would be a successful one. It was then that “Awful Cloth” was conceived. Flynn has since hand-drawn every piece of clothing for Awful Cloth. The two came to an agreement to pursue Awful Cloth and make it their passion. As the two were studying in college, they continued to make numerous phone calls, video chats, and send text messages back and forth to perfect their nascent brand. From that day on, the two would work countless hours perfecting what Awful Cloth is now. Today, we are proud to call our clothes Awful. 

Since the initial release in August of 2018, there has been nothing but success within the company. Some examples would include orders all across globe, numerous publications about the brand, and different celebrities having their own Awful. With over 56 countries shipped to all 6 continents, we are making the world a more Awful place. We don't want to be like the other clothing brands, we want to be Awful. 


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