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AWFUL is about duality; there is no light without dark, and there is no warmth without cold. Our brand strives to embrace life’s difficulties by repurposing what “awful” means. To wear AWFUL is to spread the AWFUL message, to defy negativity by promoting positivity, no matter how bad things seem. Together, let’s make the world a more AWFUL place. 


A person who wears a serious mask is not always void of compassion; they are often more sensitive than others understand.  The Cold Hands, Warm Heart Collection recognizes the stern teacher, the strict parent, or the rough-edged boss; the person of seemingly rigid structure built atop a loving foundation. However difficult, always be willing to give yourself and others the benefit of the doubt. Just as the word "awful" is seen in a dreadful way, cold hands don't always mean a cold heart. 

Meet The Founders

Charles "Chaz" Zayed

Chaz Zayed is co-founder and director of business at Awful Cloth. 

Zayed was first inspired to start a clothing brand while studying at Indiana University. He realized he could use his skillset to spread joy within his community.  

Emmit Flynn

Emmit Flynn is co-founder and creative director at Awful Cloth. 

A lifelong creator, Flynn brings vibrant originality to the AWFUL brand. His skills as a designer make sure every piece of clothing sends a colorful, inspiring message.

Above all, AWFUL is proud to share its message of positivity and joy with the globe.

We are so grateful to share the AWFUL experience with the community that has been built around our brand. 

AWFUL is honored to have the strong support that makes the brand what it is today. As this community grows, so does our ability to spread the AWFUL message.